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About Us

Meet Cathy, Kevin and Betsy

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Cathy…  Born and raised in Delafield, Wisconsin. My parents were preservers of the past with a house full of family antiques. I saw Kevin in 6th grade playing baseball for another school and told a girlfriend that I was going to marry him.  By high school he figured it out too (Thank goodness!!).  We started collecting vintage items and antiques from high school and we have never slowed down. Ask any family member what we do and they will say, “they go antiquing.”  Our home is filled with one collection after another. We had started to panic that we would have to stop buying as we are out of room. Our daughter saved us. She decided to have a vintage decorated wedding. So we collected more and then realized we would have to store even more. Family and friends loved the decorating at the wedding so much they joked that we should go into business…next thing we knew Vintique Rental was born. I could have never dreamed that I would combine a dental hygiene career and the running of a vintage rental company.

Kevin… Raised on a farm near Genesee Depot, Wisconsin. Kevin spent most of his youth combing their property and surrounding areas for anything old…bottles, architectural finds, coins, and other treasures. So when we were planning our future, antiques seemed like a no brainer. I love a good deal and that usually means that most things we buy needs repairing, stripping, or an over haul of some kind. Kevin has learned how to repair almost anything as well as to visualize my visions. (Which is not an easy task!) Kevin has a sales background which comes in handy when dealing on our treasures.

Betsy…Raised in North Lake, Wisconsin by her antiquing parents…us.   She had no choice but to like antiques. She never knew anything else.  She even decorated her apartment at Carroll College with antiques. Betsy is a full time kindergarten teacher as well as our full time techy as a well as our “boss.”  Thank goodness for her or no one would be reading this.

The three of us make a great team.  We are very excited about this business and are all more than willing to work to make your special event extraordinary!


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