Custom Writing

We do provide custom writing services. We can match almost any font and style! We will give you a quote based on the size of writable space, amount of writing and design elements. All original pricing quotes are subject to a price increase once we receive the final writing information and styling desires.

We ask that you submit all writing information 30 days prior to your event. Please email all information to [email protected] with the email subject marked as “Name & Custom Writing” Please have all information in one email and include any examples of style or designs you like.

Delivery And/Or Pick Up

We will deliver and/or pick up your items to one location at a predetermined time. (8am- 5pm) Location must be within 50 feet of parking area. Delivery/retrieval beyond these points is available at an additional cost to cover time and labor. Must be scheduled in advance.

Our fees are based on mileage and size of the order. Standard delivery fee is $200 plus mileage and additional service fees. Late night pick up is available for an additional fee. We will deliver in a 30 mile radius.

For pick up/retrieval all items need to be as cleaned, organized and packed as they were when delivered or picked up from the shop. A take-down/cleaning/packing fee may be charged.
Special delivery/retrieval services may be limited by the number of requests for a given day. Service charges are in addition to standard delivery/retrieval rates.